First edition                                                                  4-23-17


The Community Services group is designed for those who have a gift for serving others, as well as those who desire to grow their heart for service.  We choose to study the mental shift required to become a true servant.  It is not our desire to think less of ourselves but it is our desire to think of ourselves less.  To accomplish this, we must be grounded in the following truth:  we are unconditionally loved by God and accepted by grace.  Our group will volunteer for the most humbling jobs.  Without understanding who they are in Christ, a servant will likely walk away from servitude once people treat them like a servant.   We will meet with each other and share the challenges we faced.  We will search scripture to obtain God’s direction for overcoming service obstacles. 

We hope to serve with gladness and we’ll certainly get a few laughs as we challenge each other to serve outside the boundaries of our comfort zones.  We don’t intend to take this challenge too seriously.  We do intend to laugh and learn.  It has been said that serving is the highest use of life, and that really happy people are those that have learned to serve.  This is our test to find the truth in that.

MISSION ACTION     This group discussed the various opportunities our church is already involved in contributing to mission projects.  We also embarked on making loaves of bread to distribute to visitors at our church on Sunday mornings, thanking them for sharing the “Bread of Life” with our church and inviting them back again.  This group is planning on meeting to make “fidget pads” for Alzheimer/ Dementia patients or whomever could benefit from one. We will also make Flower Seed Strips. We welcome any suggestions and assistance in these tasks.     


This group will spread Christ’s love as they reach out by means of cards, notes and personal visits, with words of encouragement to others in the name of the Lord. 


By Renee Harper

I just want to reminisce a minute on Jesus’ ministry.  In our minds, let’s just walk down the street “with Jesus”, who’s walking with His disciples, doing ministry.  What does it look like?  Through this, we want to be encouraged to mimic Jesus’s ministry.

A blind man, begging on the street, starts yelling at them, “Have mercy on me!  Jesus, have mercy on me!” (1) People around, shush the man saying, “Be quiet….that’s so annoying.”  “But Jesus stopped.  And He called for the man.  Jesus asked, “What do you want from me?”  The blind man said, “I want my sight”.  This man had a legitimate need and Jesus, in his mercy, filled the need.

One day, a girl caught in the act of adultery got dragged, by the Pharisees, to Jesus. (2) They condemned her and wanted to stone her.  Jesus was the only one to defend her.  He freed her “by grace” to go and sin no more.  Grace sees beyond this one act…He freed her from sin by grace!

There was a rich man that no one liked because he got rich by ripping people off, using his authority as a tax collector.  Jesus preached, then said, “Zacchaeus, I want to be a guest at your home”.  (3) Next, we see Zacchaeus say, “I want to give half of my goods to the poor and if I have taken anything from anyone by false accusation, I’ll restore them four-fold.”  Zacchaeus listened to the Word of God, and he was changed. 

These people were blind due to the deception placed on them by Satan.  Jesus knows the Truth of who we are “in Christ”.  He is patient to bring us to Christ.  “In Christ”, we’re righteous, worthy of the kingdom of God. 

As you walk on your path this week, with Jesus, listening to the Father, through the Spirit...  Try to see people with heavenly eyes.  Jesus doesn’t judge people because they’re blind.  He helps them not be blind.  He gives them grace to come to Him.  He changes them.  He goes to their home and makes them feel loved.  Then he sends them out on their own path to share with others what he shared with them.

We came up with an acronym – “LOT” Love on Top!  We decided one mission that we wanted to pursue this year was Love on Top!  It’s an umbrella for our ministry because it’s the umbrella for all of God’s commandments.  Pray that God will grow our love for people on earth as it is in heaven. 

I Corinthians 13:13  And now these three remain: faith, hope and love.  But the greatest of these is LOVE.

John 14:16-17  …The Father…will give you another Helper…the Spirit of truth…He dwells with you and will be in you. 

We walk with Christ. We are His disciples and by HIS LOVE, we will be known as His disciples.

 Bible References  (1) Mark 10:46-52 (2) John 8:3-11    (3) Luke 19:1-9


Get to know your Prayer/Share partner for a couple more months.  If you want a partner, let someone on the ministry team know.

The ministry team presented 4 different interest areas—Prayer, Community Services, Mission Action (Crafting, Sewing, etc.), and Reach Out (Cards, Visitation) --with which our ladies could connect. Within the Ladies Connection, the ministry team is only serving as facilitators for the many areas in which FBC ladies can minister.  We encourage any person aware of a need to which others can minister, to bring the need to the attention of all through a Facebook post to our group or a call to another “sister.” Our vision is to minister to our community in simple and practical ways with Love always on Top (1 Cor 13:13).

 This interest area focused on prayer – we talked about what our church has in place, what needs there are and what God would have us do to meet those needs.
As we brainstormed together, previous prayer ministry efforts were mentioned like the “Joshua Ministry” where every week, someone was in the Prayer Chapel praying throughout the Sunday morning worship service.   
Spiritual warfare is real and there is a need for teaching and learning how to pray accordingly.
Suggestions and new ideas included prayer walking our church, having prayer “gatherings” whether physically coming together in homes, the prayer chapel, etc. - or -virtually gathering at a certain time of the day and day of the week to pray for specific needs. 
With that, we each committed to pray together the following morning at 9am for our church family and staff as well as for a couple of personal prayer needs.

MEAL TRAIN for Ellen

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Mission Statement:  
Connecting through prayer, spiritual enrichment, and ministry, we will demonstrate and grow our faith, our hope, and God’s love.


First Baptist Church of Tuttle