First Baptist Church of Tuttle

News & Events

SUNDAY, January 21st
9:00 am - Men’s Prayer
  9:30 am - Sunday School
10:45 am - Morning Worship
  5:00 pm - Adult Choir Rehearsal
  6:00 pm - Evening Worship
WEDNESDAY, January 24th
  5:45 pm - Baked Potatoes  (Youth)
  6:15 pm - Youth
  6:30 pm - Prayer Force  (adults)
Jan. 29 - 30 - State Evangelism Conf.
Jan. 30 - Women’s Session  (leave at 8:15 am)
Jan. 31 - Chili Cook-Off!!
Feb. 1 - Student Lunch
Feb. 5 - Sidewalk Outreach Ministry
Feb. 7 - Rose Day at the Capitol
Feb. 8 - JOY Meeting
Feb. 11 - Deacon’s Meeting
Feb. 14 - BSU Lunch
Feb. 14 - Business Meeting

Feb. 18 - Valentine Banquet
March 1 - Student Lunch
March 5 - Sidewalk Outreach Ministry
March 8 - JOY Meeting
March 9 - Family Game Night

Class                      ​Teacher                         Target                                  Meets at:

Senior Men            Bill Ragsdale                 Senior Adult Men                East Wing

Senior Ladies         Lawanna Workman      Senior Adult Ladies             East Wing

                               Marilyn Hambright

                               Renee Harper

Senior Ladies         Nancy Dennis               Senior Adult Ladies            Office Wing Rm 3

Senior Couples      Leroy Bayliff                  Adult Couples - Seniors      East Wing

Adult Couples        Robert Sipe                   Adult Couples - 40's-60's    Office Wing

Adult Couples        Ken Handke                  Adult Couples - 30's-50's    Family Life Center Parlor

Adult Couples        Ryan Neasbitt               Adult Couples 20's-30's      Office Wing Rm 1  

                               Ken & Sherri Streber            

Mixed Class           Leroy Bayliff                  Mixed Adults - All ages      Pre-school Hallway

Adult Ladies           Denise Robinett            Ladies - All ages                 Family Life Center Rm 1

Adult Men               Tony DeGiusti               Men - All ages                    Family Life Center Rm 2

College/Career        Katie Southard             Co-Ed, 19-25 years old      Office Wing Rm 2

High School Boys    Marty Williams             Boys, Grades 10-12             Student Bldg, upstairs

High School Girls     Brenda Williams          Girls, Grades 10-12              Student Bldg, upstairs

Middle School Boys  Tim Young                  Boys, Grades 7-9                Student Bldg, upstairs

Middle School Girls  Kim Kennedy              Girls, Grades 7-9                Student Bldg, upstairs

5th & 6th Grade         Ruth Young                Co-Ed, 5th & 6th Grade      Student Bldg, downstairs

3rd & 4th Grade        Kenneth &Vicki           Co-Ed, 3rd-4th Grade         Student Bldg, downstairs


1st & 2nd Grade       Jeannean Biddy         Co-Ed, 1st-2nd Grade         Prayer Garden Classroom

                                 Judy Oglesbee  

Kindergarten/T1       Shasta Raymond        Kindergarten/T1                  Pre-school Hallway

Pre-K & 3 yo            Gail Campbell             Pre-K, 3-5 years old            Pre-school Hallway

                                 Evelyn Paxton

2 yo                          Kelly Evans                 Nursery                               Pre-school Hallway

Nursery                     Sandy Pace                Nursery                               Pre-school Hallway