First Baptist Church of Tuttle


Just Older Youth

Senior adult activities are planned once a month.

Second Thursday at 10:00 am in Family Life Center

​Contact:   Elmer Johnson (381-9939) for details.

Upcoming meeting:  


JOY Trip to Branson
December 11th - 13th, 2018

$50 deposit due 10/28

We have youth that would like to serve you.  If you have things that need to be done at your home (change light bulbs, car cleaned, flowers planted, etc.) please fill out the yellow card in your Sunday School area or call the church office.  They especially want to pray for you; so please let us know.

2018 Valentine Banquet

Joy Potluck

Thursday, Nov 8th (10 am - FLC)

guest speaker - Kathy Byrns

she will give her testimony; share NYC Mission trip & talk about 

her life as a 'missionary kid'

bring a side dish - meat furnished

JOY to Jerusalem Exhibit

Thurs., Nov. 15th (9:30 am)

we will eat lunch after! 

(Tour is free)


bring snacks & games to share
Friday, November 9th, 6:30 pm - FLC